Life is Beautiful with Instagram

I think I am in love, yes, completely, head over heels, smitten, totally gone, hook line and sinker.

Who or what is the object of my affections? It just kind of sneaked up on me, didn’t see it coming, and then wham.

I have fallen in love with Instagram. It has stolen my heart, it has all that Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter don’t have. Firstly it more dynamic than Pinterest with much more interaction, it makes more friends with the same interests than Facebook, and it is so much more friendly than Twitter (there is no limit to the words and the hashtags just work)

So if you want to come and be friends and share all your weirdness with me, then head over to and come and say hello, if you like calligraphy and miniature dachshunds and laughing – then hey we are already best buddies.

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