A Christening Commission

I was recently commissioned to design a christening or baptism gift for a little boy who is nearly one.

To begin with I gave the client a rough draft of a few different letter styles to see which one she preferred, but also to make sure I had all the information correct. Names can be tricky as people often spell them in personal ways and it is always imperative to check and double check to make sure the name and date are right.

Rachel Murphy Draft Design 300x300

She actually chose something with elements of each of the draft designs, which gave the finished pieces a lovely individual look – perfect for a special gift.

Rachel commission draft 2 300x155

Now I had the lettering design confirmed, I began to put together the whole design – which had to sit on either side of a mug, as well as, around the rim of a plate and bowl. In order to accommodate the curve in the plate and bowl I had to do some tricksy calculations and write the letters ‘in the round’ this can be quite time consuming and requires patience, and a few attempts to get the letters at a 90 degree angle to the plate/bowl edge. But a few sheets of paper later and voila I managed to get the curve.

Once the lettering had been designed and applied using professional glazes, the pieces of English bone china went into my kiln for a whole day at 850 degrees, ensuring a hard wearing and durable finish. They came out of the kiln looking all sparkling – English bone china does that in a way other ceramics don’t manage to do, a real lustre and shine that will last no matter how often they go through the dishwasher.

Christening Gift Custom Design

So little Harley Hope I am guessing it will be a few years before you realise that your lovely aunt wanted to tell you that you are a special little boy. I am happy with the finished design – what do you think?