A little bird told me about ………….

Top Drawer with the high flyers and the big spenders.

Sunday was spent with all the glamour, glitz, lights and action of one of the most amazing trade shows in London – Top Drawer. Olympia was buzzing, high on adrenaline and excitement. The first day. Exhibitors were plying their wares all in glorious settings with bright faces keen and eager to make a good impression.

I had gone up for the day with my good friend Wendy to take a look at how the top end of the market operates and to try and answer the question – would it be a good place for me to launch my products, and was I ready to launch. I have to say it was quite a daunting experience. Luckily they were a friendly lot, quite a few owners, happy to share their experiences and their ups and downs on the road to the show. There were business surgeries for me to attend and get answers to some of the questions, but then more questions for me to think about.

The exhibitors had spent a great deal of time, effort and expense in order to present their products in the best way possible in order to clinch those high end deals with the high end stores.

20130915 103632

Could I compete on such a stage?

Was I able to drive down my costs to enable a good deal for me? Typically the stores add two and half times my wholesale cost.

Did I have the finances to invest in beautiful packaging, eye-catching brochures, a spectacular stand, and plenty of stock for fulfilment. Loads of questions.

It’s a big leap from selling online to getting “in the shops”.

Lots to think about. Maybe next year I’ll be ready, but for now it’s back to the drawing board and my little bird.

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