A Weekend Away

After my particleboard writing, I was all fired up to write on anything, paper was so passé.

I had been reading in a home magazine about decorating tiles, and there was a workshop in the delightful cathedral town of Arundel in West Sussex. So I packed myself off for a weekend to try my skill at decorating tiles, I took all my trusty pens with me.

The workshop was run, in a lovely cottage, by a chap called Jonathan Waights who owns Art on Tiles. He presented us with his unglazed tiles, lots of colourful glazes, brushes, and of course his beautiful tiles to see what can be done with talent, years of practice and patience. Take a look at his website


There were five of us round his rather large table in a splendid room overlooking the garden. His studio was too small to fit us all in, but we did get to have a look at where he created his masterpieces.

Saturday was spent trying to master the brush and glaze in order attempt to decorate the tiles. We had to be careful and keep our hands clean and not put our fingers on the tiles, as any tiny speck of glaze would come out in the finished piece once it was fired.

But I was keen to try out my pens on a new surface. On Sunday he presented me with some already fired tiles to try out writing on a glazed surface. I tested many of my pens, which skidded and slid all over the place. Would I never get to achieve what I wanted?? After what seemed like forever, well most of the morning! I finally got what I wanted. What I had discovered in the process was that pens don’t like a slippery surface. But with one exception, hurrah. A pointed pen that is used for copperplate lettering.

A new passion was born. Now all I needed was a kiln…….

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