Take the Risk or Lose the Chance

I am often drawn to particular quotes without really thinking about what is attractive about them or why they resonate. However, today was different. I didn’t just speak to me, it shouted in my ear.

Do you ever wake up with a knot in your stomach? I couldn’t quite decide whether it was anxiety or excitement, as the knot wasn’t specific.

I looked at the calendar and thought “5th July – already.” Where has this year gone? What have I done? And what am I doing?

At the beginning of the year I had such plans, the year was before me with all its unknown possibility. And then life happens. You know that stuff over which you have no control.

Plans to move house, plans to set up home in another country. Those plans. The big ones.


I have been moping about since 23rd June when my big plans went out of the window.

I thought, you know what? I have no control over the big stuff, but I do have some control over how I respond. Rather than letting the loss of the big plan drag me down and make me inert, I decided that knot was excitement.

And guess what – I am excited.

I have smaller plans, little bite size plans. Stepping stones to the goals I want to achieve.

That feels better.

I’ve got a 2 day calligraphy workshop coming up where I am going to teach some lovely folk how to start a passion. So I am busy designing the templates, ordering materials, booking a hair appointment

I am in the process of designing an online calligraphy course. Another goal that has stepping stones, making sure the course idea has legs, designing the course outline, filming me writing, editing and honing (a lot of that), finding beta testers, then more tweaks. (Want to stay in the loop on the online course? Sign up for the first free tutorial)

As I take these small steps towards bigger goals I am certain that other plans will sneak into the equation, other ideas will bubble to the surface. A constant forward motion.

Sometimes you’ve just got to hold your nose and jump into the deep end.

The water is lovely.

Take the Risk or Lose the Chance, spoke to me today. What does it say to you?