Live the Life You Love

I think sometimes we get so hung about having the perfect life, what I think is now termed the Facebook Life (where we purport to be having a wonderful time with a fabulous partner and perfect children, in the most amazing house, with the most amazing job)


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I know I got hung up with this before Facebook ever arrived. Always putting on a smile, being the life and soul of the party, having a perfect career, being seen at the best places, wearing the latest outfit – and don’t talk about shoes or handbags. Boy, it was exhausting and not very satisfying.

Something happens as you get older, something called wisdom, and you have to be older to get it.

My life wasn’t perfect, and the stress of keeping up appearances took its toll. Yes, I crashed and burned. But out of the fire came a new perspective.

I didn’t have to have it all, I just needed to have what was important.

That stuff that money can’t buy. Health, family, friends. I didn’t need to be Wonder woman any more. I just needed to be honest with myself.

When you are chasing that perfect life, it costs a shedload. And it is such a relief to take your foot off the accelerator.

Now – live the life your love




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