I Just Want to Drink Coffee, Create Stuff and Sleep

Sometimes I just want to have a day to do this, and nothing else.

I just want to drink coffee and create stuff and sleep
I know when I have commissions to do then this is pretty much my day. But that’s work and not play.

I need play in my life.

I often get bogged down with my to do list. Making all sorts of promises to myself to get things done, be organised, be efficient, be ready, be on top. But it’s pretty tiring.

So I have given myself permission to play.

It replenishes me, and allows me time to unwind. It’s all about self-care, doing something that you love rather than doing what you have to do.

By giving myself this space I have time to create, faff about, try new things, explore (you remember doing that when you were a child) and come up with new ideas. They don’t always work, in fact they often don’t work – my waste paper bin is testament to that. But hey, that’s what being creative is all about.

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