Remember Why You Started

This blog post lands on my son’s birthday. He will be 28 this year. How I remember that day.


Days don’t get any more significant.

You could call me a reluctant mother. I was at the height of my career, recently married and having a ball. Then I discovered I was pregnant. Boy was that a shock. Not that I didn’t want to have children, I just wasn’t expecting it to happen so soon.

He was, and still is, a gorgeous boy. But nothing prepares you for the upheaval, the lack of sleep, the feeling that you are ‘it’. I had never really been a responsible adult, but then everything changed.

In an instant.

Something so precious had been given to me and I so wanted to do it right. But there is no right, no perfect, no ideal, just good enough.

That’s what I set out to be, just good enough.

This quote resonates, because he is the reason I started, to put down real roots, to think about someone other than myself, to make plans for the future.Remember Why You Started