There You Go Being All Amazing, Like It’s Your Job

I suffer with the gremlins, those naysayers that sit on my shoulder and tell me I’m not working hard enough, or I’m useless, or the biggest one, you’re shit.

How come the positive thoughts get drowned by the negative thoughts? What is that all about??

We seem to be able to conjure up all the bad stuff in an instant. How often do you rebuff a compliment?

  • Someone says: You look lovely! That dress really suits you, and the colour is gorgeous on you.
  • And you say: What? This old thing?

You get the idea

These compliments are called strokes. When someone ‘strokes’ you and you accept the stroke, then you stroke them back.

When you give someone a compliment, isn’t it wonderful when they accept it and smile back at you?


Well it’s your turn to get a compliment or a stroke from me.

There you go being all amazing like its your job 2

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