Let It Go!

I always thought I was tough, robust enough to take the knocks, but I realise that I am sensitive and vulnerable.

Somehow when you put yourself ‘out there’ it isn’t just business, it’s about me.

And being one for needing reassurance, and affirmations from the universe. I am sometimes hurt by the knowledge that I don’t appeal to everyone. Not everyone understands what I do, and not everyone is even interested in what I do.

I am learning not to take all this personally, but I tell you what, it isn’t easy.

We all want to be loved and understood. Perhaps I set the same standards to the world of strangers, as I do the people I know and care about.

What strange thinking!

As I write this I acknowledge that this says more about me than them.

I now have this piece of lettering near me when I’m working and creating.

w46 let shit go square 

Don’t hold a grudge, don’t get pissed off, and don’t worry about it.

Or in the immortal words of that Disney film:

Let it go!

I’ve got much more important stuff to think about.

Just sayin’

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