In honour of the Sleepless Nights

I was talking to a friend and colleague yesterday. We are both self-employed and so our meetings often include at least some “water cooler talk”.

I was complaining (as you do) about some person who kept asking me for “the secret”.

Overnight Success narrowAs if I have a magic wand that just puts work and clients on my desk. If only! It frustrates me sometimes, because it suggests that people cannot see how much time and effort goes into my work. Perhaps I should see it as a compliment that I can make it look so effortless...

My entrepreneurial journey, much like my life’s journey, is not without effort though. People would be surprised if they knew all the time, effort, blood, sweat and tears that went into building any of my successes.

When we call someone an overnight success, we really only comment on that last night. We fail to see and acknowledge the many, many sleepless nights that came before that...

So today’s blog post is in celebration of all those nights.

  • The hard work you put in.
  • The learning you did.
  • The books you read.
  • The piles of notes, mind maps, brainstorms or journals.
  • The awful people who needed to teach you some life lessons.
  • The many attempts that were not quite right.
  • The sleepless nights and the headaches.
  • The times you felt like giving up (but your BFF wouldn’t let you)

Enjoy the successes, but maybe more importantly: enjoy the journey!


PS. Ellen is still surrounded by moving boxes that is why she asked me (her VA) to write to you all this week. No worries though, she will be back amongst the living soon!

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