It Never Gets Easier, You Just Get Better

When I started out learning calligraphy, it would take me hours to produce something! Even then I still thought it was pretty average. And don't even get me started on the the amount of paper I went through!

It never gets easier you just get betterHand lettering is not an easy skill to master, in fact it is quite a technical skill.

Getting the pen angle consistent, the tilt of the letters, the consistency of the ink or paint, and the shape of the letters right takes a lot of dedicated practice.

That's what is needed though - Dedicated Practice

Oh and the other thing is a great teacher.

Yes, you can learn this from a book, but nothing elevates your skill quite like an accomplished teacher.

I had a very accomplished teacher, who pushed me (and not gently either) sometimes I thought I would never get it, but gradually over time I began to 'make attractive letters' - her term for my endeavours. How I cherished those words. They still echo in my head.

If you want to get better, then you need to sit beside a master who will teach you. Then you will become more proficient, and that makes it seem easier.

Find yourself a master of the skill you want to learn. And learn hard

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