Screw Perfection

I am going to be producing some planner stickers in the New Year.

52 Screw perfection

I need some with a bit of chutzpah and serious attitude, but couldn't find any I liked. So, I thought - why not?

Gonna adorn my planner with some real kick in the pants slogans.

Yes, I need a kick in the pants sometimes! I get so bogged down with perfection, it is a real sparkle duller. I stress myself out, deplete my batteries, worry about being judged and basically end up procrastinating instead of just getting it out there.

I need to turn over a new leaf (I wonder where that saying comes from??) and stop getting so bogged down.

Screw perfection.

Good enough will have to be good enough.

Right I've said that out loud and in writing. Boy, that feels better.

Have a fabulous Christmas, enjoy yourself, don't worry about the details, it will be fine.

I wish you joy, peace, health and happiness for 2017

With much love

Ellen xo

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