Do What You Love

So this week kicked off with #bluemonday. Who on earth makes these things up?

04 2017 Do What You LoveI know January is a hard month, it's long, cold, grey and miserable, but I don't need reminding. On a lighter note, the days are getting longer - pardon the pun (I couldn't help myself).

I think if you are able to do what you love, then the days go whizzing past. You are full of energy and passion. Mondays are never a problem, as it is the start of a new week of possibilities.

Of course, even the most focused, passionate and vivacious folk have their moments of self doubt. I know I do. Sometimes those moments stop me in my tracks and send me off into the comparison layby. You know the layby I mean? Yes that one. Where you compare ourselves to other people. They are doing better, they are making more money, they are more successful blah blah blah.

It can be a hard place to be, on your own, with the chatter going on in your head. Boy, those voices are loud and insistent.

When I get into a real fug, I need to get out of the house and breathe. I practice Mindfulness and it saves me from the chatter, it grounds me, makes me notice how wonderful life is out there, even on a cold, damp January day.

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