Random Acts of Kindness Week

The world has just celebrated Random Acts of Kindness week. What a great cause.

I have a wonderful image of people being kind to one another.

Somehow it resonates more with me than International Pizza Day or National Dog Biscuit Day (yes there is one of those).

How about National Public Sleeping Day?? Is that when you fall asleep on the train home after work and you start snoring? Do you get a prize? Or does everyone comment?

How about National Grammar Day? I'm up for that one. There, their, they're and your or you're. Not that I'm a member of the grammar police.

Then there is National Barbie Day! No doubt a lot of people will be celebrating that.

OK I'll stop now. But you get my drift.

Somehow a Kindness Day just seems much more significant.

09 2017 No act of kindness in line

Maybe if we practice acts of kindness and feel how good it feels, we might do it more often...

Now that would be worth celebrating!

(oh, and the national grammar day!!)


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