Change Something, Anything, Everything!

"Do you ever go down the rabbit hole? That place where you just keep on keeping on? Digging deeper, doing more, and thinking I'm going nowhere?

2017 11 Change Something Anything EverythingYOU ARE NOT ALONE

Over my career I have reinvented myself a few times.

I started my work life in a very dull admin role, so dull in fact that I changed jobs almost on a yearly basis. Boy it was boring, and I wasn't very good at it. Got fired a couple of times for not doing a perfect job. You know, filing stuff in the bin!

I then fell into what became the big career move. Just got talking to a neighbour when I lived in London (in Notting Hill Gate before it was fashionable) and she said "You'd be good at this" so I duly followed her lead and became an IT recruiter. And you know what? I was really good at it.

Until the day I wasn't any good at it. I'd just had my son and was pole axed by post natal depression. Wow life changed.

I took some time to re-evaluate what I was doing, where my priorities lay and threw caution to the wind. I changed my career again.

I retrained and became a psychotherapist. Which is what I still do (there is always a chance that I might change that!!)

Of course alongside all of these changes, I learned how to letter. This has always been my passion, and calligraphy is my therapy.

So if you are down a rabbit hole, change something, anything, everything.

Have a fabulous week


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