Not a Knight, but a Sword

In a just over a week it will be Mother's Day here in the UK. I'm a mum, like I guess many of you reading this are.

12 2017I am hoping that my darling son will remember, but I'm not holding my breath. But hey that's OK, it's only one day out of the year!

I want to take this opportunity to honour my mum.

She's not here any more, but she taught me to be independent, something that wasn't easy for her generation.

She grew up in a time when getting married and having children was the most important thing for a woman. When she had me, the world was changing and women were fighting for equality, to be able to have a career and a family. We could have it all. And we do, if only we believe we do.

We don't need a knight in shining armour to rescue us from the dragon, we just need a sword, we can slay the dragon ourselves.

So thank you mum for equipping me with a sword.

Happy Mother's Day

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