Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful

It is not easy to accept yourself as you are, but there is a certain beauty that shines when you are comfortable in your skin.

Blog Be Your Own Kind of BeautifulIt's a confidence that you are OK and feel a certain serenity.

But hey, you say, that's not so easy. And you are right. It isn't easy. Maybe it's impossible, always a struggle. If only we could let go, stop struggling, fighting, battling (I'm exhausted just typing those words).

Imagine you actually thought you were OK. That you weren't lazy, stupid, shit, or worthless.

Those voices in our heads are mighty powerful. They are LOUD.

Quieten them.

Try some positive affirmations. Nothing too woowoo. But statements like,

I'm OK,
I can do this,
I'm good enough,
I am worthy.

Talk to your mind bully, take away its power. Speak to it firmly and tell it you are not listening.

Take your power back..... and be your own kind of beautiful.

Have a wonderful week

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