Don't just fly... Soar!

I hope you've all had a lovely Easter break and have eaten all the chocolate eggs.

soar blogMost of us spend time with our family, and I was one of those lucky people. My son left home a few years ago and now lives in London with his girlfriend. They came and spent the weekend with us.

As we sat round the dinner table, eating, drinking, talking and laughing, I was struck by the thought that he was now a fully fledged adult with all the responsibilities that go with that. He is still studying but holds down a busy job and has an active social life.

I wanted to tell him -as I am sure all of us who are parents and want the very best for our children would- that I hope we have done a good enough job. That I hope when the time comes he can fly out into the world safe, in the knowledge that the nest will be there as a comfort.

I know when I left home and spread my wings I always knew that home was always there just in case the going got too tough.

It made me braver and gave me courage.

I never needed the security blanket, but boy I was glad it was there.

So this piece of lettering is for your children, be they toddlers or big 'uns.

Don't just fly... Soar!


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