Making Sense of My Haute Mess

I am off on a little trip at the beginning of May. Going to Palermo in Sicily to celebrate a wedding anniversary.

Now you are wondering which wedding anniversary. It's rather startling: it's been 30 years!

(No I can't believe it either! And yes I was a child bride. Now back to Haute Mess.)

Haute Mess Blog

I have decided to have house sitters/dog sitters, instead of putting the aged pooch into kennels (which she absolutely hates)

This decision has turned me into a complete mess!

Trying to write lists of what the doggie likes, and what she doesn't like - and the latter is a long one!

Then there is the list for all the quirks in the house:

  • How to turn on the oven in the Rayburn (no twinkly, stainless steel, modern appliance as yet)
  • How the heating works, as it's still mid winter some nights.
  • How to work the controls on the shower (they are always a complete mystery and require a degree in rocket science)
  • When the bins go out, and which bin it is this week (we have a plethora of bins that make a handsome statement in the garden).

And of course THE CLEANING

I'm not a great fan of housework, and I hate hoovering. I can tidy like a pro, but the boring mop, bucket, duster, polish and vacuum cleaner put me in an instant coma. I have absolutely no routine, no Monday for washing (I forgot the bloody laundry - how many pairs of socks and underpants does the man possess!!)

Ugh, just reading out this list has made me feel exhausted! I think I need a holiday

Oh Yeah? That's what got me into this mess in the first place!!

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