Offline Is the New Luxury

I hope you've had a good couple of weeks? I've had the best time. I decided to completely switch off. Yep. I unplugged.

Offline is the new luxury BlogI didn't check my emails or engage in much social media. And you know what?

I had a holiday

I spent my time enjoying la dolce vita in Sicily. Watching the world go by from little cafes drinking mean cups of espresso, eating street food, looking at beautiful sights and not worrying or even thinking about stuff. An empty head without all the noise makes for a very relaxed and calm me.

Maybe that's being mindful. Being in the moment and really savouring every little morsel, not trying to change anything or question anything, just being.

The week seemed to last for ages, the pace seemed slower and more sedate.

It was wonderful.

I highly recommend it.

Just switch off and ignore the noise

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