Kissing Dachshunds Mug

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This will steal the heart of any dachshund owner, the perfect gift for the dog lover in your life. How lovely to be reminded of your little dog when you drink from this dachshund mug. Line drawing of slim dachshunds (not that there are too many of those!) with pretty pink hearts encircling the bottom of the mug.

If you’ve never drunk your tea from an English bone china mug, then you are in for a real treat. You’d better buy more than one as this will be the go to mug every morning! English bone china is incredibly tough but lightweight, robust but translucent. Makes tea taste divine and does a pretty good job with your morning coffee too.

The image is applied using professional glazes, it then goes into my kiln for 18 hours at 850 degrees, thus making the finish durable and non fade. You can put it in your dishwasher everyday with no ill effects, and it will go in the microwave too. A good half pint.

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“worth every penny”

“exceeded my expectations”
Design: Illustration
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